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Meet Dan

What do you do at Lookahead and how long have you been working with us?

I'm a technical recruiter at Lookahead. I've been here since mid May.

What’s your background? Where were you in the tech industry before joining Lookahead?

Before Lookahead I was working at a startup as a project manager and directing the technical direction of the company. Because it was such a small team, I did all the recruitment and dabbled in a bit of React too. I also setup all of their project management systems.

Prior to that, I worked as a Rails developer for an API integration platform. I got into Rails back in 2011. I had a startup and we had a lot of trouble getting developers to build the product, so I decided to teach myself programming and started a love affair with Rails.

Outside of Lookahead, I own and run a ski chalet in Japan called Snowball Chalet. I built all of the booking systems in Ruby on Rails, and also look after the guests and be their guides.

What do you like about Lookahead?

I like the people. It's a really collaborative environment and it's really nice to see everyone helping each other. I like the idea of potentially making people's lives better. I also like that I can work flexibly.

What are you passionate about?

I love surfing, climbing mountains and snowboarding. I love travelling and exploring new places, and eating delicious food. I also really love learning about new technology and programming. I do a lot of self study and exploring. Most recently it has been learning about Rails API and hooking it into a React front end.

What was the last book you read or podcast you listened to?

Last podcast I listened to was the NPR Politics podcast.

If you were not at Lookahead where would you be working or what is your dream job?

Something where I'm back in the snow. One of the nice things about Snowball Chalet is that what I do is really broad. I could be building Rails app, or having a martini with the guests at night. I find the variety really enjoyable and really satisfying.

First Car?

It was a Lada Niva. It was a Russian Four Wheel Drive. Still the best car I've ever owned. I had it in 1993.

Hidden Talent?

I'm not afraid of the cold. My favourite temperature is -11°C.

Proudest Accomplishment?

Raising my son, Akira.

What piece of technology seems like magic to you?

TV remote. I remember when I was around three or four years old, my grandfather got a new television. Back then with TVs, you had to stand up to turn the dial. I remember him flicking through the channel using the remote control. We didn't even watch TV and just watched him flicked through the channels. It was magic.

Guilty Pleasure?

Ice cream. My favourite was Homer Hudson Chocolate Rock but they don't make it anymore.

What’s on your Bucket List?

Probably heli-ski in Alaska. I'd also like to learn how to fly a helicopter.