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Why hire juniors?

When it comes to building a team, sometimes people think having more seniors is better. While it might mean you can get through the work more quickly, there are many reasons why you should consider hiring juniors.

Balance and diversity of opinions

Better solutions are created by a diverse range of opinions, which can be achieved by having different level of experience on your team. Too many seniors can result in too many cooks spending too much time debating which is the better solution. You need different perspectives and opinions.

Mentoring opportunities

By having juniors on the team, you’ll be providing your team with mentoring opportunities and giving them a chance to grow into leadership positions. Developers of every skill level often find mentoring a very rewarding experience, as they are able to help others grow and learn.

Free up senior developers’ capacity

After juniors joined your team, one of the best ways to train them up is by giving them smaller tasks to tackle. This will free up your other developers’ capacity and allow them to focus on bigger pieces of work.


Juniors have a lot of enthusiasm and passion. They are curious about everything and have a real eagerness to learn. Their passion is infectious and can inject a new level of energy into the existing team.

All the senior developers you have on the team were juniors once. They certainly wouldn’t be where they’re at now if people didn’t give them a chance. By hiring juniors, not only are you growing the next generation of developers, you are also giving your senior developers opportunities to grow their leadership skills. Ultimately it’ll make your team stronger.