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Good people know good people. Connect us and earn a reward.

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If someone you know is looking to hire or be hired, please think of us.

We will take good care of anyone you refer. We can answer questions they have about the market or talk through ways to optimise their hiring process. We can even introduce them to other specialist recruiters if their skills are not in areas we know extremely well. So if you're unsure, refer them anyway.

Successful referrals are rewarded with your choice of a gift voucher, donation to charity or community event sponsorship to the value of $1,000. (Eligible three months after successful placement. Referral must be to a client or candidate we are not currently working with.)

So, you want to be a contractor...

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The idea of taking on a contractor role can be a scary one. You may be put off by the idea of having to job search every 6 months, and being more easily expendable when times are tough. But part of the hesitation is not knowing how it all works, and what’s needed to become a successful, ‘always in demand’ contractor who never seems to be short of work.

Here’s what you need to know about the most successful contractors we know:

  • The specialist mentality: they specialise in an in-demand tech stack and often choose roles with projects that will increase their value as a specialist.
  • The networker: they are good at using their network (their trusted recruiter😉 and other contractors) to keep an eye out for their next opportunity.
  • The salesperson: they are confident in their skill set and can sell them themselves effectively in an interview.
  • The quick thinker: they are good/experienced at making decisions quickly because the hiring process as a contractor moves faster. You could interview and get an offer on the very same day!
  • The professional: their skillset and behaviour must reflect the premium rate they’re being paid for.

Some admin stuff you also need to know:

  • You only get paid for the days you work - there is no sick pay, holiday pay etc.
  • Contracts tend to start at 6 months with a possibility of an extension, but we are also seeing an increasing trend of 12-month contracts being offered straight off the bat. It’s also important to remember this is all fairly negotiable.
  • Notice periods are shorter for contractors, usually, it’s 2 weeks.
  • You don’t need to have a Pty Ltd company, you can get payroll done through a provider like Lookahead.

Want to find out how contracting through Lookahead works? Get in touch today!