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My First CampJS

I was inspired watching RubyConf AU 2017 - Self learning is a marathon not a sprint, by Elle Meredith. I use the format Elle mentions in her talk for all kinds of reflections, so why not for my first-ever Lookahead blog post?


CampJS is a 3-night code retreat for folks who are interested in web technology.


Networking, laughing, relaxing and learning from beginners through to experts about all things technology. Or as Damon put it…


The official camp schedule includes talks and workshops, but you get to know folks through campfires #logbox, board games, trail runs, ukulele and synth lessons, food comas, karaoke, hacking on side projects and DEMO NIGHT!!!

I already knew

  • That I would get the opportunity to play my first ever game of werewolf, a hilarious murder-mystery game played in a dark room where people touch you.
  • That I would get to know some crazy talented, smart people and learn too much for my brain to contain in one little weekend.
  • That camping is “in tents”.

I learned

  • That werewolf is NOT a game played in the dark, and people DON’T touch you. It is, however, hilarious!!! Whether you’re watching or participating it’s serious entertainment and @DamonOehlman is the ultimate storyteller…
  • That trail running past waterfalls is super fun and Australians love hanging around a big black red bellied snake having “the chats” about how great snakes are. Me….not so much!!!
  • The ChangeLog’s Podcast on Elm and Functional Programming (Ep. #218 and #191) comes highly recommended as an intro to Elm. Thanks @sentience for the top tip ;)
  • Demo night will blow your mind. Folks are even more crazy talented and smarter than I could have ever imagined!!!
  • Big burly men can really hit the high notes in A-HA’s “Take on me”.
  • CampJS was so well organised, thoughtful and truly inclusive.
  • I’m looking forward to the next one - aka .JSX *bah dum tsk*

I still want to know

  • more about tailwindcss, lots of folks are talking very highly about it.
  • Each page of Martin Fowler’s 3rd edition of Refactoring, it comes highly recommended from a highly reliable source - who incidentally has never deleted a production database…twice.
  • Webassembly (WASM)
  • If @nathanhoad ever finished his Game Jam, Jam Game.
  • How many people I can convince to come with me to the next one…

A huge thank you to all the organisers, badge makers, volunteers, sponsors, speakers, lightning talkers and for the sheer generosity of folks with their snacks, knowledge and talent throughout the entire weekend. Signing off as one happy camper…

…but maybe not quite as happy as @stevelikesyou with his marshmellow firestick…

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