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Head of Engineering

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We're looking for a head of engineering or experienced engineering manager to lead our dynamic software engineering team. Lead the charge in developing industry-first technology designed to offer customers transparency, simplicity and convenience in their user experience. Engineering is forefront in this charge as we look to automate and build out scalable and reliable systems to support our customers and partners.


The head of engineering is critical to driving the engineering team’s rhythm, culture and processes. We’ve grown and need your help to further mature our people processes to support a technology team of our size.

You will manage a team of 8 team leads directly, and indirectly manage up to 40 engineers. On day one you’ll work with us to develop our career ladder and make sure it’s well communicated to the team. We want to give our engineers plenty of reasons to stick around, and the confidence that their roles can grow as we do.

You’ll have opinions on how to run agile environments well, and collaborate as part of a number of cross-functional agile teams. In time, you’ll get to know the culture of the organisation well, understand the pain points and help others do their best work.

Importantly, you will manage the recruitment for engineering and run initiatives that drive employee engagement + retention. You will help us build a bigger and more diverse team while building our employer brand. We’re
big supporters of technology meetups & conferences and would like to support even more communities.


We’re looking for someone who is great with people, a clear communicator, and has an attitude that helps bring others up. Given our growth plans, we’ll need strong experience in managing teams of 10+ engineers and proven experience in actively managing engineering learning and development programs.

We need someone who has the desire to drive positive change in practices and patterns. To help others to the same with a “you build it, you own it” mentality.

You’ll have experience making other leaders more effective. You’ll know how to coach managers and support them when crucial conversations around performance management and remuneration arise.

You’ll be excited to put in processes that ensure engineers use their generous training budget to skill up.

You don’t need to be on the tools, but we are looking for previous experience as a software engineer. That can be from front end development, back end microservices, dev/sec/ops. Our stack includes Kafka, NodeJS, React, Java,
Git and Salesforce.


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