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Executive search

We meet interesting technical leaders and developers with leadership aspirations every day.

Based in Sydney and Melbourne, our recruiters know how software teams operate because they have all worked in one before. This experience and perspective has allowed us to know the best technical minds in Australia, whether that’s been through formal interviewing or industry events.

Our network has been built over many years through focused research and word of mouth referrals from our friends in the industry. We also have strong ties to overseas communities, particularly in San Francisco.

How we recruit

Every software team is unique. We take the time to listen to the developers and individual contributors who will report to your incoming executive, as they’re the ones who will ensure their long term success. With your help, we gain an understanding of where your business is headed and who the key stakeholders are. From there, we’ll help you position the role in a way that ensures success in the market.

Executive roles are completed as retained projects. Where possible, we advertise in your name to help build your employer brand and accurately represent your role in the market.

Research isn’t delegated to junior team members. A candidate’s first impression of your company is often made by a recruiter. Lookahead recruiters are seasoned industry professionals that are able to accurately articulate the nuances of your opportunity.

Nice things people say

I had a really fantastic experience with Lookahead. They really took the time to understand what we needed and put together a really thoughtful panel of candidates. We ended up going with someone in their very first set of names. That was no easy feat. Prior to using Lookahead we had been searching for this particular candidate for almost 2 years. I was really impressed by the amount of research they provided for each candidate and their willingness to listen to feedback. I would definitely recommend Lookahead to others. They did a really excellent job.

Mike Knapp, CTO, Shoes of Prey

When I approached Lookahead to help me find a new role, I hadn't applied for a job in 16 years! I'd gotten most of my work via word of mouth for the last decade and I was definitely nervous about going through a tech-interview process after so long. They guided me through the process of creating an up to date and succinct resume and approached me with just the right role. Rather than taking a scattergun approach, I felt like they got to know me and what I wanted and hooked me up with a role that was just the right fit. I'd definitely recommend Lookahead to senior technical staff and executives looking for new challenging roles. They'll be sure to get to know you and match you with a company that suits you to a tee.

Ben Askins, Development team lead, Envato

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