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Meet Kyle

What’s your background? Where were before joining Lookahead?

I started off working at an executive recruiting agency back home in San Francisco after I graduated from college in San Diego. After that role, I found my way over to Box working as a sourcer for the executive recruiting team there, which was fun. Most recently, I worked at Atlassian, after moving to Sydney from the Bay Area!

Why did you join Lookahead?

The biggest pull for Lookahead was the team. Everyone I spoke with had a level of sincerity that I loved. I felt like everyone saw and approached search in a way that I related with. Most of all, I just felt like I would be working with great people!

What are you passionate about?

I've got a long list of passions, but if I had to narrow it down, I'd pick 2.

  1. DE&I. Growing up in various parts of the US while being bi-racial was a unique experience. Naturally, ethnic studies was an interest as I was going through university, so I took as many courses as I could in tandem with my marketing degree. It's pretty jaw dropping to learn about the lack of opportunity people of various backgrounds have had across history and how we're still battling that today. Honestly, I fell into recruitment coming out of school and looking back, I'm thankful I did because I feel like I can help bring opportunities to people who wouldn't typically have them.

  2. Sports. I love almost any sport you can name. I've grown up playing just about every sport under the sun, but basketball and jiu-jitsu have stuck with me. I love watching sports as well, so catching my Bay Area sports teams at ridiculous hours has become a regular part of life here in Australia for me.

What was the last book you read or podcast you listened to?

I'm currently reading "How to Take Smart Notes" by Sonke Ahrens. It's aimed at academics and researchers, who need to publish. I'm not planning on publishing at all, but I always have ideas and jot them down, but struggle doing anything with them or even finding them. This book helps create a system of organization to turn those thoughts into "smarter" notes and make them usable!

If you were not at Lookahead where would you be working or what is your dream job?

Definitely a General Manager of an NBA team. Or one of those really cool advanced statistics guys for the NBA.

First Car?

My first car was a maroon 1990 S70 Volvo. It shook when it was on the highway, but it was my first car and got me where I needed, so I won't complain, but it definitely didn't score me any cool points.

Not many people know it, but I make a mean peach cobbler. I only pull it out on special occasions because it is easily one the most unhealthy things someone can eat.

Proudest Accomplishment?

Not so much of an accomplishment, but something I'm proud of was moving here to Australia. It was a huge step in my life and one that I'm happy I took.

What piece of technology seems like magic to you?

It's not the most advanced answer, but I'm still super impressed by AirPods. They thought of everything when they made those.

Guilty Pleasure?

A lot of the stuff I grew loving as a kid, I still love and follow today. Basketball cards, comic books, video games, etc.

What’s on your Bucket List?

My bucket list is pretty long, but it's filled with a ton of sports outings. If I had to pick one, I'd love to experience an El Clasico game in Barcelona.