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How we're different

Not all recruiters are bad, honest!

We are technically minded, extremely well connected and respect the people we work with. We think you'll find our approach refreshing.

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What Others Say

I'm a huge fan of Lookahead, especially impressed with how it's grown over the last year with the ever-so-friendly Martin, then Georgina, and now Matt. I'm not exactly sure how Steve found other recruiters who were friendly to join him, although to be honest he had to step outside the recruitment sphere to find Matt.

Martin is a great guy. For my latest gig, he entirely recruited me through twitter (does that make us a bit hipster?). I also found out recently that he spent hours on the phone with the government, straightening out the immigration details for one of my current workmates.

Georgina is really lovely too, running things smoothly behind the scenes. I'm a huge fan of how simple and straightforward (and a little whimsical) the timesheeting system is - much better than the 3 (!) timesheets I had to fill in at my previous contract. Whenever you have any paperwork to sort out, it's never an issue.

Definitely my favourite recruiters to deal with.

Chris Hulbert

It was only a few minutes into our first conversation that I realised Matt isn't like other recruiters - he understands how to develop software, not just the buzz words. I explained that I wanted to pick up some different technologies. Matt could see the parallels with some of my previous work and set me a coding exercise for a role he thought might match. He reviewed my code which led to a fun yet very useful discussion. Dealing with a recruiter that could provide that level of insight was a new, and very positive experience.

He was right about the role being a good fit. The code review, technical guidance and professional advice he provided helped me step into a great role that offers everything I was looking for, and more. Next time Matt will be the only recruiter I call.

Luke Carter-Key

Steve is the only recruiter in Australia that I'd ever consider working with. He's an active member of the Sydney developer community, well-informed about the technologies we work with, and always one of the most genuinely friendly people in the room.

If you're looking for candidates, you can trust Steve to deliver smart, qualified people; if you're looking for a job, having Steve vouch for you means a lot to prospective employers.

Gabe Hollombe

Steve's knowledge of the industry & his professionalism immediately shined through. His involvement in the web development community meant that he was easily able to understand the type of candidate I was looking for, and the skill level that was expected. Within a week and after much discussion with myself about the role, Steve sent through a candidate who he felt was right for the position. Both Steve & the candidate nailed it, and ended 4 months of torture.

I'd strongly recommend Steve to anyone looking to fill a technical role.

Jayphen Simpson, UI Lead

Lookahead honestly have been there for me throughout the entire time I've been in Australia.

I was in America wanting to work in Australia and had no idea what I needed to do, but Lookahead was there to provide any and all information to help with the process.

They guided me the entire way facilitating me with not only work specific questions, but general genuine help I needed in order to feel comfortable and confident in up and packing to move across the world with no concerns.

They are more than just a recruitment company; They are a group of people who actually care and take pride in getting to know you to place you where both you and the employer will benefit.

They have my back not just as a recruiter, but as a friend.

Garrett Heinlen


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