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Ruby Developer

Details (ARCHIVED)

We are a growing multinational company and we're out to change the world. We're working with consumers and companies at all levels of the energy industry - from government to generators to consumers - to understand how and why people use energy, and to move Australia forward into a greener future. We're looking for developers at various levels, from mid-level to senior and lead.

We've got a mix of technologies depending on which part of the stack you're working in. We use Ruby on Rails with various front ends including Reason ML, AngularJS. You might even get to use some GO. We do continuous integration via Buildkite, we ensure good test coverage over our code and we do peer review.

You are pragmatic, unflappable and positive. You enjoy collaborating with your teammates. You have experience building things in Ruby. You have worked in a product company before and like to feel a sense of ownership over the codebase. Polyglot developers, those with CS degrees and/or those with electrical engineering experience are very welcome.

* The opportunity to make a real-world impact for the better
* Your boss and peers are technical
* Rapidly growing company - opportunities for development
* Competitive salary

Send me an email about what interests you and what you’ve been up to lately. Be sure to include a resume. If you have a public GitHub repo with something interesting in there please send me a link too.

I'm a technical recruiter who is actually technical. I've spent years working with development and product teams, and understand what makes a team run smoothly. If this role isn't an exact match but you are passionate about what you do, email me anyway as I would still love to hear from you.

Cameron Picton |

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I'm a recruiter who's actually technical and I'm happy to share more detail with anyone who's interested.

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