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iOS Tech Lead | Sydney

Details (ARCHIVED)

This startup builds products focused on simplifying complex experiences for customers. While your skills and experience building modern mobile apps are essential, we also want someone who's smart, motivated, and willing to learn. 

In this role, you'll have complete ownership of the iOS side of the project and your decisions will be shaping the project's future direction. You'll be constantly challenged and you'll be given the environment where you can use today's mobile technology effectively and at scale, while ensuring that it's integrated with the rest of the stack. 

We're not fussed about years of experience, but you should be able to demonstrate solid experience building and delivering production apps on iOS. You're someone who can hit the ground running with writing production-ready mobile apps, from getting the code structure right, to testing, to deployment and monitoring once it's in the wild. 

You work comfortably in both Objective C and Swift, and extra points if you've previously worked with Bluetooth devices on iOS. 

  • Early stage startup and project experience
  • With full ownership of your code, your decisions will shape the project's future
  • A team that gets engineering best practices (agile, code reviews, continuous integration, etc)
  • Support of a strong product and UX team
I'm a recruiter focused on hiring iOS developers. If you're interested in applying, email your resume, portfolio, GitHub account or anything else you're proud of to Hannah Field at Lookahead Search:

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