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iOS Developer | Sydney

Details (ARCHIVED)

The Role
You will have the opportunity to build new features for the iOS version of our app. You'll work closely with an Android developer to match functionality on that platform while suggesting and collaborating on new features. With ownership of the iOS codebase, you'll help monitor production analytics to identify and fix bugs / UX problems.

We have worked hard to maintain architectural parallels between our iOS and Android code bases to facilitate cooperation. Our front end developers work closely with product management, design and support staff to develop new features and improve our customer user experience.

Our backend leverages a microservice architecture with services built in both Clojure and Scala in the JVM. We use RabbitMQ for interprocess comms. We persist data in Redis, MySQL, Mongo and PostgreSQL. The variety in data stores is mostly a consequence of legacy systems (technical debt) and long term we envision only requiring PostgreSQL and Redis.

The Offer
We're looking for a mid-level developer. Salary is dependent on your experience and there's an employee share option plan as well. Before you start, you'll get to spec up your dream development setup. Everyone here works on the best equipment.

Learning is important and you'll have a conference / training budget. We're big fans of Yow! Connected and Yow! Conference. We also like to keep a well stocked office library and look forward to your book suggestions.

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Applying is easy. Send an email to with your Github account, resume, website, links to apps on the App Store or anything else you're proud of. Direct emails get responses. If you're not sure, get in touch anyway.

Hannah Field
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I'm a recruiter who's actually technical and I'm happy to share more detail with anyone who's interested.

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