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Senior Polyglot Developer | Melbourne

Details (ARCHIVED)

We're looking for a senior polyglot developer who is basically a huge geek about application design. And not just web-applications, but all sorts. You're someone who loves thinking about the best way to implement sophisticated applications, bringing deep knowledge of data structures & algorithms to every problem you solve. It's all about the right tool for the job: Ruby, Python, Erlang, Scala, Java... everything is on the table and we want to make the right decisions early on.

We're developing a white-label customer engagement platform for electricity retailers. It's a small team, located in Richmond (near the station) with an existing application based on Ruby/Rails and hosted on AWS. There are big plans for expansions, so it's an exciting opportunity to develop new applications in an uncommon domain - electricity! So if you're thinking about the future of electricity in Australia, please apply. You won't be disappointed.

You have developed many applications with many different languages, frameworks and toolchains, and have a deep appreciation of their differences. Your daily focus is on designing and coding applications that are performant, optimised for a specific task, are scalable, and are generally a joy to work on and maintain.

- Build software that makes a positive impact on domestic electricity use
- An attractive salary that reflects your seniority
- Your boss and peers are technical
- Flexible work environment with work-from-home options

Applying is easy. Send an email with your resume, website, Github account, links to your work or anything else you're proud of. At that point I'll tell you more about the role and we can decide if there's a fit.

I'm a technical recruiter who is actually technical. I love to talk all things tech and am passionate about connecting excellent people to awesome opportunities. If this role isn't quite right but you are a passionate Ruby or JavaScript developer, I'd love to buy you a coffee and have a chat.

Toby Nieboer | @tcn33 |

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I'm a recruiter who's actually technical and I'm happy to share more detail with anyone who's interested.

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