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Ruby Developer | Melbourne

Details (ARCHIVED)

We're a product shop that prides itself on using the best practices to grow our marketplace as fast as we can, all the while deploying solid code into production many times a day. We're Melbourne based, with a global audience.
You're a user centred developer. You always start with "what is the problem our users are facing?" and work back from there. Coding is the last part of this puzzle. Even better still, you understand why using data is important here. *Why* do we need to solve this problem? What outcome are we hoping to achieve and how will we get from here to there.
You're a developer that can articulate why you make design choices in your code, being able to explain your decision here is really important. Whether you're junior, mid or senior doesn't matter so much but clear communication around how and why you solved a problem that way is important to you.
We're a Ruby and JavaScript development shop here, but if you're a polyglot developer, or keen to become one please do get in touch and we'll figure out a path forward.
Applying is easy. Send an email with your resume, website, Github account, links to your work or anything else you're proud of. At that point I'll tell you more about the role and we can decide if there's a fit.

I'm a technical recruiter who is actually technical. I love to talk all things tech and am excited about connecting excellent people to awesome opportunities. If this role isn't quite right but you are a passionate Ruby or JavaScript developer, I'd love to buy you a coffee and have a chat.
Toby Nieboer | @tcn33 |

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I'm a recruiter who's actually technical and I'm happy to share more detail with anyone who's interested.

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