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Software Engineer (Contract) | Melbourne

Details (ARCHIVED)

We've been around for a long time, we focus heavily on delivering value to our clients using Ruby in a proper Agile manner. Other places talk about work life balance but we really emphasise it - having our people happy is important to us.

Given we've been Agile since the beginning, we work in pairs and do it properly. We do both client work, and also build our own products. What you end up doing will depend on what suits you best. It's important to us that you feel like you're being challenged and are supported to continue learning.

You've been a software engineer for a while now, you've seen many problems, tackled a lot of them successfully, ideally you'd write Ruby on Rails applications professionally. You're comfortable getting to know *why* you're writing code by talking to the customer, and getting that real insight into the problem domain. You're not the type of developer who likes to sit in a corner with headphones on.

Once you've figured out what the customer actually wants, the code you write will be of a level that makes you proud, you write tests first, you model your applications with extensibility in mind and understand that you're writing for humans not computers.

Hopefully you've spent some time inside an Agile practice in the past and know how and why it works. Maybe you've spent time in a bad one and you're keen to see how it's meant to be done. If so, we can help.

You're happy to express your opinion, but in a way that works for everyone. If you're one to stand up and declare it's your way or the highway, that's not going to fly. We like, collaborate and support each other, so rock star personalities need not apply.

Applying is easy. Send an email with your resume, website, Github account, links to apps or anything else you're proud of. At that point I'll tell you more about the role and we can decide if there's a fit.

I'm a technical recruiter who is actually technical. I love to talk all things tech and am excited about connecting excellent people to awesome opportunities. If this role isn't quite right but you are a passionate Ruby or JavaScript developer, I'd love to buy you a coffee and have a chat.

Toby Nieboer | | @tcn33

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I'm a recruiter who's actually technical and I'm happy to share more detail with anyone who's interested.

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